Fresno Pergola Company's Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pergola?: A pergola is an outdoor structure held up by four beams. The beams cross at the top to form a lattice. Often large, pergolas can be visually striking despite their minimalistic appearance. It can even give off the impression of being unfinished.
You can use a pergola as an extension of a home’s living area — a space where residents and guests alike could mingle and relax. Pergolas also work well during the summer, providing ample shade and privacy.
If you’re interested in installing a pergola in your backyard, Fresno Pergola Company provides professional design and installation services. We can customize the pergola of your choice to fit your home’s look. If you want to know more about pergolas and get an idea of what to expect, check out our most frequently asked pergola questions.
Where in my backyard should I place a pergola?
You can place pergolas anywhere in your backyard. However, the most common spots are over an outdoor dining area, a hot tub, an outdoor fireplace, or poolside. Walkways are also excellent locations for a pergola, providing a stunning entrance into your backyard.

What materials do you use for building a pergola?

Currently, Aluminum is the only material we are using to construct our pergolas.  It is the best option for a long lasting beautiful pergola or patio cover.

Aluminum: Aluminum pergolas are more weather-resistant compared to wooden pergolas. Aluminum pergolas are also low maintenance and don’t rust easily, making them a cost-efficient option.

Wood: For a rustic look, we recommend pressure-treated wood like cedar, pine, teak, and redwood. Wood also requires regular maintenance, such as staining and sealing, as the weather can make it susceptible to wear and tear.

Metal: While not as popular as wood or aluminum, galvanized or rust-free metal is also a low-maintenance and cheap pergola option. Not only is it resistant to fire, but it also doesn’t promote the growth of algae or mold.

Stone: Brick or stone pergolas are sturdy and unique, giving your outdoor space some character. They are also weather and fire-resistant and complement almost any garden motif. Similar to wood, stone pergolas need proper sealing to prevent moisture buildup.

PVC: Another low-maintenance choice, a polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, pergola is a great option since it is resistant to fire, insects, and termites. When built properly, it can give off a minimalistic but sophisticated vibe.

What are your customization options for a pergola?
Besides providing sun protection and privacy, pergolas can give your outdoor space a classy look. Pergolas are also highly versatile. We can add many other features to upgrade its appearance and functionality. You can customize your pergola in several ways, including:
● Adding string or rope lights
● Draping fabric on the posts
● Elevating it with pedestals
● Combining different materials to create a textured look
● Adding benches
● Adding climbing vines or other plants
Is a building permit required for pergola installation?
Depending on your location, some building codes may require a permit before building a pergola on your property. Check with your local government and homeowners’ association before installing a pergola in your backyard.
Also, finding the right pergola company is important. Working with professional pergola installation services like Fresno Pergola Company can help you with the permitting process. If you want to spruce up your outdoor space and add value to your home, installing a pergola is your best option. Contact us today to see how we can build the pergola of your dreams.