Currently, Aluminum is the only material we are using to construct our pergolas.  It is the best option for a long lasting beautiful pergola or patio cover.

Wooden Pergola

Pergolas have been around for years. This classic outdoor structure has adorned many homes — serving as an outdoor entryway, a hanging garden, and an extension of the home.

Nowadays, we construct pergolas with different materials such as fiberglass and aluminum. For homeowners looking to build pergolas in their yard, finding the right material is crucial. The material should complement the outdoor area where they install their pergola. It should also suit the design and maintenance requirements of the homeowner.

When building a pergola, many homeowners resort to the most common material: wood. Wood is strong and customizable. It gives any pergola a natural, rustic look. If you’re looking to build a pergola, consider the benefits of choosing wood.

1.   Wooden Pergolas Are High-quality and Durable

Wooden pergolas are strong. With proper maintenance, they can last for a long time. While wood is one of the most expensive materials — especially after considering their maintenance cost — it’s well worth the investment. These sturdy structures withstand freezing winters and blistering summers.

We recommend choosing hardwoods such as redwood or cedar instead of pressure-treated wood. Some benefits include:

  • Weather-resistant. They’re the top choice for roofing, decks, and wooden terraces. They’re versatile. Unlike softwoods, hardwoods won’t be plagued by insects or other pests.
  • Naturally resistant to mildew, weathering, warping, and pests.
  • Better for the environment. Hardwoods don’t have to be treated with harsh chemicals to make them resistant to insects and mildew. It won’t affect pets, children, and other family members with chemical sensitivities or allergies.

2.   Wooden Pergolas Are Versatile and Customizable

Wood comes in a wide variety. Homeowners have plenty to choose from when drafting a design. Softwoods are cheaper. We can treat and stain softwood to create a richer texture. Hardwoods cost more. However, they’re durable and create a classic look perfect for older homes.

3.   Wooden Pergolas Are Easy To Build

For homeowners who are into DIY, building a wooden pergola can be a fun and exciting project. Many pergola kits come with pre-drilled and pre-cut pieces to make the installation process easier. Pergola kits can also come with additional features such as wood patio covers or awnings. Assembling these kits doesn’t require too much effort, giving homeowners more time to enjoy their new outdoor haven.

However, we recommend finding a pergola company like ours to build the right pergola for you.

4.   Wooden Pergolas Are Timeless

Wooden pergolas give a rustic, classic look that fits well with most outdoor spaces. Pressure-treated wood and other types of timber are cheap. We can paint or stain pressure-treated wood to match more modern architectural styles. Hardwoods are more expensive but last longer. However, they need to be sealed and stained once every two years to ensure their longevity.

Want To Build a Wooden Pergola for Your Home?

A pergola will add charm and depth to a home. They’re wonderful shelters for any garden and backyard, and there are many different materials to choose from. If you want to install a pergola, wood is an excellent material that adds to your backyard’s appeal while improving the longevity of the pergola’s structure. 

If you want to enjoy the outdoors, opt for a pergola. We can help you design and build the perfect wooden pergola for your home. Contact us today to learn more.